There's a new plank hire company in the ocean.      

Are you prepared to walk the plank with us?

Delivery anywhere between the Bombays Hills to the Rodney district. Outside of these areas don't hesitate to ask our friendly staff.

Northern Plank Hire is not a scaffolding company it's sole trading is in hiring out of wooden scaffolding planks.

Services We Provide...

 We specialise in the delivery and hireage of wooden scaffolding planks to the scaffolding and building industry.
Very important note, we are not a scaffolding business we just specialize in hiring out scaffolding planks.  

Why Work With Us?

  • Prompt delivery
  • competitive rates
  • friendly people

At Northern Plank Hire, we pride ourselves on ensuring that we meet the needs of scaffolders and builders with our large quantity of wooden planks readily available for hire.